Our packaging

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We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Switchback for a more lasting experience

Your new travel bag or accessory will be delivered to you in protective, but pragmatic, packaging. Why?

Because we have chosen to create a more lasting experience - instead of spending money on a sophisticated box that will be instantly disposed, we have teamed up with Switchback, a charity that supports young men to live life differently after prison. For each purchase, we are donating £5 to Switchback, in accordance with our brand's meaning "The power of using one's will".

Switchback is an award-winning charity based in Spitalfields, London. Their purpose is to enable young Londoners to find a way out of the justice system and build a stable, rewarding life they can be proud of. They do this by running an intensive mentoring and training programme for 18-30 year old prison-leavers. Nationally, 49% of people released from prison are reconvicted within a year, however, for Switchback Trainees this drops to only 8%, and 84% of Trainees who complete the programme move into sustainable employment. For further information about their work, please click here.

We are proud to collaborate with Switchback and would like to thank you for your trust in our products.

At Switchback, we do not receive any government funding, therefore our partnerships are vital to our success. The support of businesses, like Volition, enables us to help young men live life differently after prison. Thank you!

Alice Dawnay, CEO and Founder, Switchback

Please do get in touch via contact@volitiongoods.com should you have any questions about our packaging, or our partnership with Switchback.